Saturday, September 29, 2007

Your TV Blog-Journal

This session's major blogging project will be to post your assignments for your TV Journal. The goal of this project is to help you improve your listening comprehension, improve your vocabulary, reinforce the grammar we learn in class and develop your writing skills.

You are to choose a 30-minute (or longer) TV program that has the same cast of characters every week (not a documentary, a talk show or a star-search show). You can watch the show "live" or recorded. Most students find it is easier to watch a recorded program on DVD because you can watch it when it is convenient for you and you can read the English subtitles to help you understand the dialogues and learn new vocabulary. If you have the time, watch the same episode first with subtitles, then again without the subtitles.

Some of the assignments will include descriptions of the show and the main characters, sometimes I will ask you to explain what happened during the show and sometimes I will ask you to read your classmates blog entries and ask them questions or leave comments....So choose a program you will enjoy watching because you will be spending quite a bit of time with your new small-screen friends!