Saturday, February 18, 2006

Creating Your Blog

Here we go Future Bloggers.... First go to the Blogger site. Click on the orange arrow to create your blog now
Username: this is not as easy as it looks because you must select a unique name that no other blogger is using. You may have to try a few times before it is accepted. When it is accepted, write it down immediately because you will probably forget next week.
Password: please choose a password that you don't mind sharing with me (I don't want to know any of your secrets). After the first few weeks you can change your password, but in the beginning it is helpful if I can get into your account when you are having difficulty.
Display Name: (nom à afficher) This is the name that shows up when you leave a comment. Most people use their first name, but you can decide for yourself.
Email address: This is important to verify your account Once your username and password have been accepted, you will need to name your blog and give it an address. You will also be asked to type in some letters--this is to assure that you are a human being and not a computer. Click the orange arrow to continue.
Now you will need to choose a template (modèle). There are not many choices here, but once your blog is created you will have more choices and you can change it. Click the orange arrow and then click the tab that says Template (Modèle) and then Sélectionner--now there are many choices of templates. Choose the one you like and then SAVE the changes. You will also need to Republish your blog. Every time you make a change in your blog you must save and republish the changes.
To avoid spammers from leaving comments on your blog do this: Click on Comments (Commentaires) and then scroll down to where it asks about word verification (Afficher la vérification des mots pour les commentairs?). Click YES. Now, only human beings can leave comments and not computer-generated spammers. Remember to SAVE this before moving to another page.
Now you are ready to make your first Post (Envoi). Write in the title of today's post. Type in your information in the big box. You can make links by clicking the icon of a link over a green earth. Upload pictures by clicking on the little square picture. Explore the tools and be are now a blogger!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Welcome to the Winter 2006 Edition!

Hello future bloggers!
Welcome to a new session and a new season of blogging. To get started, I want you to see some of the blogs that have been created by teachers around the world. Click on my new blog here and then visit countries around the world by clicking on the blogs in the sidebar. Bon Voyage!

Please answer the survey about your Study Plans. Longueuil students click here. ENA students click here.

Information for Students and Teachers looking for an exchange: The college students in this course live near Montreal, Quebec and are in a low-intermediate level of English. French is the mother tongue for most students and all of their content courses are in French. Most students range in age from 18 to 24 although there are a few who are older. The course meets once a week for 15 weeks (this session runs from January to the end of May). Links to student blogs are in the right sidebar. The url for this blog is