Thursday, April 06, 2006

Survey Report Assignment

Before you begin writing your report, review this information in your textbook (Prospect: English Skills for Academic and Professional Purposes):

  • Look at the questionnaire on pp. 2-4
  • Study Section 5.2 about Writing Reports (pp. 131-132)
  • Read the Survey Report on Students' Career Choices (pp. 133-134)

Your report must include:

  • A Presentation Page with the title of your survey, your name, the date, your English course and group number
  • An Introduction in which you describe the purpose of the study and what you hoped to learn from it.
  • A description of the Methodology: the number of questions, types of questions, number of respondents and how the data was collected.
  • The Results of the data. Most of your results should be interpreted in text form, but you may include a chart or two. To analyze your data go to Survey Monkey and log in. (Remember that your Username is usually an email address for this site). Click on "My Surveys" then click "Analyze." If you want to know how each respondent answered your survey, click on "View Detail." You will see the message: "Displaying 1 of ___" and arrows so that you can go to the next respondent. This can be interesting if you want to know more about an individual respondent.
  • An Analysis in which you analyze and interpret the data. Make connections between the answers to different questions. If there were problems with some of the questions then explain this. If people from different parts of the world, or different age groups seemed to interpret your questions differently, explain this.
  • Your Conclusion in which you explain whether or not the survey allowed you to reach your goals. What did you learn from the survey? Were there surprises? What would you change?
  • An Appendix that includes all of your questions and the results (you can just print these pages from Survey Monkey)

Your report must be printed and stapled together or put into a folder. You should also post your results on your blog--your respondents want to see the results!


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